In Production

Games In Production

“Un-named Roguelike Game”:  (Concept and Prototype Phase)

Top down roguelike game in early layout and concept phase.  Uses an improved shadow system from what is seen in the top down shooter further below.  Currently trying to decide if I want to make the game with tile based movement or scrolling 8 directional movement.  The level the character is on reveals itself as they travel around.  Monsters, treasure, and traps will also be revealed during exploration.  Each level requires a little ‘work’ to get through in order to advance to the next.  Some older gamers may recognize a similar opening area layout from “The Temple of Apshai Trilogy”, to which I pay a little homage to.

Concept layout only, though some game elements do work. The HUD is stationary on the right side of the screen and displays vital character and game world info.
New and Improved shadow/torch affect. It appears as if the character has a light source that pierces the darkness around him, while areas hidden by solid walls are still unseen.
“Un-named top down shooter”:  (Programming and Level Creation)

Not much can be released about this upcoming game at this time.  The player character will be running through various mazes/corridors with a shotgun, fending off bad guys, searching for a means to access the next level.  The player can incorporate a variety of game pay styles from full out ‘running and gunning’ to ‘hide/evade’.  The game will have stages, with several levels per stage and increasing difficulty as the player moves through the various stages making his way to the end game.

Shooter Screen
Screen Shot From the Fourth Level. Blacked out areas are unable to be seen from the character’s position.










“Un-named old school CRPG”:  (Concept and Prototype Phase)

I have always had a love of those early CRPG games like Legacy of the Ancients and Legend of Blacksilver, considered in many ways clones of the early Ultima games.  I have started work on a project that is probably going to make me or break me, as it is far more advanced than anything I have ever tried to make.  Right now I am testing the concept in the Construct 2 game making engine, as well as working on prototypes of what it could potentially look like.  More to follow, but for now I will share a simple screen shot of the main ‘overmap’ as well as the ‘inventory’ screen.  I have it set so that I can transition from the overmap into the towns, buy from stores that puts items in my inventory using arrays, selling items from inventory…etc..etc…

Screen Shot From “The Legend of Blacksilver”, C64 version. You get a sense of what I am working to clone.
Main overmap screen… sample of layout with character, town icons (enterable) and some terrain.
inv screen
Sample layout for a temporary inventory/stat screen.