Some Commonly Asked Questions


Why did you decide to try and make games?  The young kids in my family are playing lots of games.  I see them playing them at home on computers, on their Ipads and Kindles, and of course their phones.  I thought it would be fun to make some simple games for the kids in my family and give them away at Christmas time in 2016.  I wanted to make them RPG style games and have them personalized to each kid where I would use their name as the main character, and names of their siblings and cousins as supporting game characters.  Those personalized games are pretty much complete.  I have been using RPG Maker to create those games I plan to give away for Christmas.

Are those RPG games going to be available from Upstairs Room Software (URS)?  No, the games I am making for the kids in my family will be only available to them as they are personalized towards each child.  I may make other RPG games using the RPG Maker software in the future and make them available to the public, but right now everything I plan on releasing through URS is being made using Construct 2.

What led you to want to make games for people other than your family?  While I was working on the RPG games late last year I kept thinking about how much fun I had as a kid playing 8bit, 16bit, and 32bit games on computers like the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500.  I really have some great memories from the mid 80s into the early 90s playing some really excellent games.  I was looking online recently and found that ’emulators’ for those computers were very popular, and that a great many people from all over the world were using them to go back and experience those early games from their childhood.  Some were even sharing those early games they loved with their own kids.  I thought it would be fun to try and make some games of my own that mimic the experiences from that time.  I love those retro games.

Name some of your favorite games from your childhood years?  The first Bard’s Tale was the first game that got me begging my parents for a Commodore 64.  I played it at a friends house (one of the other original members of the URS group) and was enthralled by being able to explore a fantasy town with many dungeons and fight monsters using swords and magic.  After that it was games like Bruce Lee, M.U.L.E., Commando, Wasteland, Defender of the Crown, Elite, Joust, Chopper Command, Zaxxon, Archon 2, Beach Head 2, Bard’s Tale 2, Summer Games, Winter Games, Way of the Exploding Fist, Satan’s Hollow, Pitfall 2, Spy vs Spy, Lords of Conquest, Impossible Mission, Zorro, The Last Ninja, Pool of Radiance, Legacy of the Ancients, Legend of Blacksilver, Gunship, … the list goes on and on… and those don’t count the ones I played on the Amiga 500.  Someday I may go back and make a list of every game that I can remember playing.

Do you design your own art for your games?  No, 99% of the art I use in the games I am making with Construct 2 is something I have purchased licensing rights to use, or the art was released under a ‘creative commons’ or ‘public domain’ license.  Credit for the creators of the art, music, and sound affects are listed in the game credits that can be found in the games.  Some of the character pixel art in “Temple of the Lost” was 100% created by me, but it blends in fairly well with the rest of the game and I hope is not noticeable.  All of the art so far that I have used in the RPG Maker games has been art that came with that software.  There are many great sights out there on the web where a indie game developer like myself can go and get their hands on some excellent art and sprite sheets to make games.